David Huseby
Co-founder and CEO
David has spent his 30 year career driving the adoption of opensource software to increase security and reliability in a range of industries. In the 1990's he helped define and implement the first interactive web applications and was a leader in open source server-side business logic development. He then spent years in the entertainment software industry focusing on performance, reliability and security as well as building teams of engineers focused on security best practices.

As a senior platform security engineer at Mozilla, he led an effort to harden Firefox Web Browser with the anti-surveillance and security advancements found in the Tor Browser. He brings years of experience and a great passion for user privacy and improving the security and trust in open source software through transparent and secure software development and deployment best practices.

After spending 4 years as Security Maven at Hyperledger, Linux Foundation, he is now co-founder and CEO of Cryptid Technologies, Inc. bringing scalable, decentralized, and privacy preserving cryptography to market, solving many different "holy grail" problems.

The Rest of the Cryptid Team

Our team of industry veterans has over 100 years of combined industry experience in cryptography, digital identity, security, fraud prevention, risk and preserving privacy.
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