David Huseby, CEO, Cryptid Technologies, Inc.
David Huseby
Co-founder and CEO
David has spent his 30 year career as a serial entrepreneur driving the adoption of opensource software to increase security and reliability in a range of industries. He brings decades of experience in started companies and leading engineering teams in real estate software, web apps, aerospace, entertainment software and security.

Most recently after spending 4 years as Security Maven at Hyperledger, Linux Foundation, he is now co-founder and CEO of his fourth startup, Cryptid Technologies, Inc. His goal with Cryptid is to finally bring scalable, decentralized cryptosystems to market and change the privacy expectations and reality of e-commerce.
Rick Cranston, Chief Customer Officer, Cryptid, Technologies, Inc.
Rick Cranston
Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer
Rick has been involved with innovation and startups for more than 30 years including Co-Founding CryptID Technologies, PivotAll-ID, and Bonifii.His decades of experience in driving teams to innovate in the financial services space has contributed greatly to many of the current fintech partnerships that exist today in the credit union industry.

Rick has been a leading advocate in applying new innovation and new technology advancements, including the work at CryptID Technologies, focused on improve the security and safety of consumers everywhere.

In addition to co-founding three firms, he has performed in a variety of high tech leadership positions on behalf of national technology consulting companies and served in the USAF and USARNG.

The Rest of the Cryptid Team

Our team of industry veterans has over 100 years of combined industry experience in cryptography, digital identity, security, fraud prevention, risk and preserving privacy.
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