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Authentication in a Few Lines of Code

Flexible APIs to build Zero-Knowlege Proof based authentication, provable provenance and verifiable authenticity into your products and services while scaling to billions of people and devices.

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Three Simple & Powerful APIs

Accelerate your migration to zero-trust architecture and scale your solution to billions of credentials without 3rd-party wallet apps.

Decentralized Privacy that Massively Scales

Cryptid introduces a new approach to scaling security and privacy using the well-recognized principles of user sovereignty and a unified theory of decentralization. Cryptid's APIs are the only technology that delivers a simple way to prove provenance and authenticate all forms of data while preserving privacy, data integrity and ownership rights.

Immutable Data, No Blockchain Required

Our novel approach to accumulating provenance amortizes an infinite number of state proofs in one "anchor" transaction on any blockchain or database. The amortization takes blockchains out of the critical path increasing scalability while also improving energy efficiency.
Global scale

Designed by Industry Veterans

Our team of industry veterans has over 100 years of combined industry experience in cryptography, digital identity, security, fraud prevention, risk and preserving privacy.

With over 3 years in R&D, we created APIs that scale decentralized digital identity / self-sovereign identity and provable provenance into the billions of credentials. We designed a distributed way to protect identity without having to disclose any secrets or data. Introducing privacy for the next generation—available to developers today.
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